Medical Services

The Medical Services Division at Sportsmed East includes a number of new services (listed below) and has been developed in response to demand and requests.  Our aim is to provide the best health care advice in any/all situations.  We have a broad spectrum of specialists available for consultation, including General Practitioners, Sports and Exercise Medicine Doctors, Cardiologists, Musculoskeletal Specialist Physicians and Surgeons.  Their areas of special interest together cover all aspects of exercise related health care.

We will have the right Doctor for you – just contact us and ask!

Lifestyle Assessment

Do you need help balancing your lifestyle?  We support Dr Chatterjee’s ‘4 Pillars of Good Health’:

  1. Eat well
  2. Move well
  3. Sleep well
  4. Relax well

Our lifestyle assessment will look at these 4 areas of your life and personalise any advice, taking into account your specific goals and current health status.


Sports Science & Fitness Testing

This is a new service that has been developed in partnership with the University of Suffolk and the Sports Science Hub.  It includes a physiological assessment, full test analysis with a report and personalised advice on a training plan that uses your identified heart rate training zones to guide performance improvement.


Pre-Event and/or Exercise Participation Medical Assessment including a Focus on ‘Heart Health & Wellness”

Increasingly, events require medical certification from an approved medical clinician.

This is a new service currently being developed together with our local Sports Doctors and specialists in Cardiology to provide the best advice available.  It includes, where appropriate, electrocardiograph and echocardiography and, if necessary, more detailed imaging and testing.


Concussion Assessment & Management

Concussion usually presents suddenly following a collision and/or blow to the head.  Symptoms more often than not resolve relatively quickly provided appropriate rest is taken.  It can, on occasion, cause more prolonged symptoms that interfere with work and/or normal daily activities.  The concussion service offers rapid access to our experienced team of clinicians, including Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists and Doctors including specialists in neurology, if required.  The service caters for adults and children 16 years and over.


For further information on any of these services, please contact the clinic on 01473 622698

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